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word. da homies. your handy reference guide. i'm rick james! move biotch. move biotch.
and i was like emilio.
so Friday night I was throwing darts @ the Sun. Gary and I were partners and we kicked everyone's ass. Well, Gary did. He carried me. haha.

So the real story is this. Everyone decides to peace out of there about a quarter till 2AM. Gary and I were one of the last people out. He starts his truck and walks me to my car. Before you know it, we just flew through an hour by talking.

This lady comes walking up the hill, stumbling around. She tries to get into the bar. Well hello?! It's closed! DUH! So she like, falls right into the passenger side of Gary's truck.

By this time we're watching her like a hawk. She then walks over to the driver side and opens the door. She's just kinda staggering there. Gary gets out of my car and starts walking over to her. I get out and yell "HEY! What are you doing?"

She then gets IN his truck. Gary takes off running after her. I'm just like..."what the fuck? I need to do something but what?"

Gary starts beating on the side of his truck. I then see brake lights...then reverse lights. What the hell is going on?

I come flying up behind his truck in my car like something outta Starsky and Hutch so if she decides to back up she's gonna hit me and hopefully she'll stop.

Gary gets this woman out of the truck before anybody gets hit and any vehicles get stolen. HAHA.

"I wasn't trying to steal your truck! I was just so cold from walking!" That was her excuse. Whatever... She then points at me in my car. OK? Then she walks over to my door kinda looks at me and takes off up the street.

The funny thing about all this is while Gary and I were talking before this incident, he'd make a comment every now and then like..."Gotta keep an eye on he Bronc'. You know, so no one will steal it."

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Chrissie and I went out to Club Energy last night. We didn't get there till midnight because she got off work at 10:30 and then we stopped at the Sun to talk to Jen and a bunch of people that we knew were there so we socialized for a bit.

Chrissie and I got to the club, sat off to the side and were just talking when this creepy long haired guy comes up to us and asks us to come sit with him and his "friend". No big deal, Chrissie and I are nice people and we figured, we'd be there for a minimal amount of time because we came to dance. So we go over there and meet his "friend". His name is Steve. The creepy guy is Dave. I ask Steve, "So, uh, how long have you known Dave?" Steve's reply is..."I just met him 5 minutes ago." What the fuck? Anyway..

We all talk and then we all go to the bathroom, not together, you know what I mean and Chrissie and I meet Steve back at the table and Dave took off. Hooray!

It was time to go so Steve walked us to our car and I got the great idea to go to breakfast...so we drove to Peg's Corner's out in Barberton.

We get there and Adam (who I met out a few nights ago) walks in and we invite him to sit with us. Chrissie's talking to Steve, Adam is sweet talking me and then this dude Adam knows walks in. They say hi. He has a friend with him and Adam asked him his name. He wouldn't tell him. I decided to look at the menu and next thing I know they're calling each other out.

Adam and this guy head for the door. I'm freakin' drunk so I get up to try and be a peace maker, yellin' at Adam to come sit back down and eat breakfast with us. Chrissie gets up and meets me outside. She grabs Adam's coat but it does nothing. Next thing I know the waitress is out the door with us and Adam slams this guy onto the ice, punches him a few times and kicks him a dozen. I go running back in for my phone to call the cops because the phone at Peg's wasn't working. Our new friend Steve gets up and starts to go outside but it's over.

Everyone comes back inside but Adam and the waitress is talking how everytime Adam comes here he causes problems and blah blah blah! Well Adam walks in and here's her talking about him so now he starts in on the waitress. Our Steve gets up because he's not about to have Adam going after the waitress...but it all blows over because I fly up and shove Adam outside and tell him to go home, I'll call him in a little bit.

It was like watching the fucking Discovery Channel dude! Animals in the wild!

I come back in and this other guy is all pointing at us and screaming how we're trouble makers. I don't take being disrespected sober, let alone drunk. I look at Chrissie, I look at Steve...and simply say..."Someone better take me back to my car this minute otherwise the cops WILL be here tonight!"
They're both trying to calm me down and this guy is still ranting about us. So I finally snap..."Look, let it fucking go dude. We have. I'm sorry that my friend disrupted your meal, I apologize but I can't control everyone. I'd appreicate it if you'd shut the fuck up now...Thanks!"

That was really stupid to say because everyone heard me and that was like, asking for more. Chrissie and Steve tell me to ignore him and now his friends are starting in on me so I just keep bitching to Chrissie and Steve about them...how they need to grow up and how disrespectful they are. Finally, they quit.

The whole ordeal was stupid. The guy ended up coming up to me later the night and apologized to me. All I said was.."Don't ever disrespect me again after I asked you not too." We ended up having a joke tell off. We told jokes for like, half an hour, back and forth.

There is never a dull moment when I'm around...ever.
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RIP Bob Krska! you will ALWAYS be in my heart. (thx to my tattoo!)

so yeah. i've been hanging out at MANGOS in downtown akron with KEVIN and ERIC.

put on a pair of skates for the first time in OVER a year. talked to LARRY and ROXANNE, told them i found MIKE. seen old KEVIN! hahahah!

CHRISSIE and i are going to see the chippendales friday ! POSH! go us!!!

SANDY and i are, ugh, i don't know. doesn't answer my calls so fuck him. i fucked up.

if you want to hang out...call my cell. 330-592-6725.
so i was working wednesday and this guy who comes in once in a while came in. he came in a couple weeks ago and was like..."what's up girl? what you been up too? where you been going out at?" i'll be back in later this week to see what you're doing this weekend."

he never came back in. so wednesday, he comes in. i come around the corner and he gets out of line and comes over and starts talking to me. i get a customer of course but as i turn to go wait on them i think..."should i give him my number?"

so i walk back around the corner after waiting on my customer and here's how it goes...(oh, his name is SANDY!!! how cute, a guy named SANDY!)

sandy: so, are you gonna give me your number?
me: wait, are you under the age of 35?
sandy: oh hell yes!
me: ok, wait...
sandy: yeah?
me: are you going to call it?
sandy: of course i'll call you, who wouldn't?

HE FUCKING CALLED ME!!!!!!!!! yeah bitches!
merry christmas, happy new year...yeah yeah yeah.

christmas was good. got clothes, CD's a SWEET dart board from my parents.

new year's was alright. i slept in 2005. hooray for me! mostly because i was out late the 30th and drank soo much and threw up when i got home. then had to work. ugh. it was terrible.

soo yeah. 2005 has been..fucked up soo far.
i was gone...did anybody miss me?
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Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?
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my dad gave me a list of things he would like for christmas today. i just HAD to share. ;)

*a VCR or VCR/DVD combo
*gamecube games - metal gear solid or zelda the wind waker
*star trek tech. manual
*star trek model
*star trek DVD's...can you tell he likes star trek?
*B-24 Liberator Model
*a snowblower
*socks...size 8-9
*underwear...size 38
*ink cartaridge for a Lexmark X5150
*new moccasons...size 8-9
*Band of Brothers DVD

and the best one yet...

*a 05' Dodge Ram Rumble Bee


i feel...: amused amused

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soo let's talk about work on FRIDAY.

i pull in the lot and notice a bunch of oil dry on the ground infront of one of the pumps. no big deal, i figured someone spilled something and we took care of it.

i was running around trying to put milk away and happened to be out in the store and some lady goes.."you know that pump that was leaking gas..." and i break in, "yes, we took care of it." she chimes back..."it's leaking...everywhere..." me..."right now?" "yes" "i'll go check it out..."

i walk outside and look at it, it wasn't leaking. it was fucking POURING out of it. from the bottom where it connects to the ground. supposedly, someone smashed into during the night.

mary comes walking out and we look at each...all i said was..."mary, we got a fucking problem.."

sooo, everyone in the company comes out. i get shifted to doing beer, it was madness. BEV our head supervisor and MARY got soaked in diesel i guess. BRYAN, from LA ROSE, told me. it was just insane.

noone could get gas. i was sweatin' my ass off in the cooler but yet i was freezing my ass off at the same time. BRYAN is making sexual comments towards me.

it was a pretty decent day for such a crisis.

THURSDAY...we got paid. i had a FAT check. we also got a $20 acme gift card and if you were there over a year you got a $50 cash card. yeah. yeah.